We partner with others to use virtual worlds and serious game-based technology to re-educate people "millions at a time."

Our particular interest is on health behaviors of the public, as well as professional behaviors in patient encounters, teams, and other meetings that impact the outcomes and cost of patient care.

Our current direction is use of commercial virtual worlds, such as Second Life and Open Sim variants for development, and use of highly-scalable massive-multiplayer-game-based tools such as Unity (http://unity3d.com/showcase)  and SmartFoxServer ( http://www.smartfoxserver.com/ ) to deliver services entirely over the web, without any installation,   to  desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile devices including Apple and Android smartphones.


  • Custom buildings, exteriors and internal rooms and spaces,  in Second Life (prims) or mesh models
  • Accurate replicas of your existing real-world buildings  ( interactive, or visible in Google Earth )
  • custom clinical furniture and furnishings:   Autopsy table,  adjustable patient bed
  • custom working clinical equipment with HUD-controls, sounds, software controls  ( Vital signs monitor, EKG, bone-saw) 
  • business spaces -- meeting rooms, conference areas with Artificially intelligent automated meeting facilitators.
  • Chatbots -- Artificially intelligent conversational agents,  on the web or your web page, or in a virtual 3-D environment
  • Non-Player Characters -- background automated actors to add realism to your scenes
  • Standardized Patients -- Artificially intelligent "standard patients" that can be interviewed or interact with users on web page or in 3-D virtual space
  • Database services - full range of custom SQL database design and links to your virtual world or players
  • Custom simulation software -- back-end interfaces to MATLAB,  Vensim, PERL,  Prolog, LISP, etc.
  • Video and audio capture, video editing -- creation of web-accessible training videos ("machinima") filmed in your virtual space
  • System test plans, validation, "push-to-test" capabilities,  on-going support
  • Hosting for chatbots or specialized database servers, etc.
  • Inexpensive pre-built "starter" worlds for people to try out for free, pay-per-use or full-ownership
  • We can be your "General Contractor" and handle all the details for you
  • We can provide custom documents, slide-shows, or video to help you make your case to your administration or funding source.
  • Our track record and team of partners will greatly increase your odds of getting your grant approved and successfully completed.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed


My own background includes 5 years doing FDA-level system validation at a large pharmaceutical R&D company ( Parke-Davis), and 15 years designing, maintaining, validating, trouble-shooting, documenting mission-critical life-safety patient-data systems at the 850-bed University of Michigan Tertiary Teaching Hospital,   including running the hardware and software systems team that managed the hospital transcription system (21 million on-line medical records in Oracle 8 with interfaces to multiple other legacy systems.)

We understand validation,  critical-systems support,  deadlines,  and total confidentiality.

We know your time is precious. 

Let us handle all the details, from design to hosting to maintenance,  so that you can focus on educational content.

R. Wade Schuette, MBA, MPH