Here are links to out previous builds n the virtual reality world Second Life ™

1) Client:  University of Colorado College of Nursing – informatics

  • Complete design, build, and maintenance  of a full “region” in Second Life
  • Virtual Hospital

2) Client: University of Colorado College of Nursing – nursing psych

  • Mom” (3rd party)
  • Daughter” (3rd party)
  • “Psychiatrist’s Office” :   [ link coming ]

3) Client:   Second Life Medical Examiner 

( in real life, “The Pathology Guy”  )

* Clinically accurate autopsy table (custom order) includes:

  • “working” disposal unit with authentic sound
  • “working” water running with authentic sound and dynamic graphics

* Clinically accurate skull saw / bone-cutting saw (custom order), includes:

  • Vibrating blade graphics
  • Authentic saw start-up and shut-down sounds
  • Authentic bone-cutting sounds
  • HUD-controllable “splatter” on contact

 4) Client – Google Earth

  • Two dozen 3-D photo-realistic models of actual buildings in Morro Bay, CA.  Individually reviewed and accepted by Google Earth
  • Built in Google SketchUp  (now called Trimble SketchUp)
  • Individual builds visible, downloadable in the 3-D Warehouse
  • click HERE to see individual builds ( downloadable mesh models )
  • Visible in the Google Earth 3-D building layer,  look for Morro Bay zip 93442.

5)  Machinima  – Movie making with virtual reality sets

  • Wang Peng meets Little Dragon  (click for link)
  • Sets built in Linden Lab’s Second Life
  • Scripts written and narrated in Mandarin Chinese by Wade
  • Subtitles written in Chinese by Wade
  • Video editing done in iMovie on MacBook Pro