Chatbot Encounters ™

Do you need to practice your conversation or interview skills?    Why not chat with one of our agents, over the web, any time of day or night?  The “chatbots” are animated,  speak aloud, and type your questions and their responses into a viewable transcript.

You can either type a questions, pretty much any question or comment you like about anything, or you can click on one of the questions in the quick list.

If your computer or tablet has speech-to-text enabled, you can also just speak your question to enter it.

Content authors can enter, edit, or delete their own prepared questions  and answers at any time, once their setup is complete, with immediate effect.  Questions can be broken into topics, which the user can select.

Users can work as teams, after selecting one person to do the typing,  and the others can hear and see the dialog as it unfolds.   Team members can be in any remote location, just able to access the web.   A phone in conference mode can hear both sides of the discussion, so a team member may not even need a computer to participate.

Chatbot Encounters ™ is a general framework for content developers to use to add their own, proprietary plug-and-play new cases for their own use, for public use, or for restricted paid-subscriber use, with revenues going back to the case owner.

Sample uses:

  • clinical interview practice with “standardized patients
  • Job interviews – practice giving or taking an interview
  • “The doctor will see you now” – practice talking to a “doctor” or “nurse”
  • customer service – practice talking to customers
  • and many more!

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