Chatbot Benefits


Benefits compared to using human actors:

  • Always open ( 7 x 24, no appointment required, fit into an unknown schedule.)
  • Much more affordable and standardized than a human actor (no sick days!)
  • Supports single users or teams of simultaneous web users ( no travel required, free parking!)
  • Entirely on-line over the web in your favorite web browser. (no download, no installation.)
  • Supports most devices and operating systems. ( even mobile devices!)
  • Customized hints and helps for different level users.
  • Allows “one-click” questions, keyboard entry, or uses your device’s speech-to-text for entry.
  • The conversation is shown in text and optionally also spoken ( students with just phones can overhear it.)
  • Self-scoring with automated feedback and debriefing of the session. (plug-and-play)
  • Encourages “try again” by students who want to see if they can improve their scores.
  • Summary of participation and session can be linked to your Learning Management System.